Sasha: i would love to just be single again
Sasha: no kids
Sasha: no husband
Scarlet: one day, you’re going to call me at like 4am and say
Scarlet: “I’m here. At the airport. Come get me.”
Scarlet: and i’ll be like WHAH
Scarlet: and you’ll have like 4 guys in tow
Scarlet: and you’ll say
Scarlet: “i came to visit you, and i just found them wandering around
Scarlet: can we keep them?”
Sasha: awwwwwwwwww
Sasha: lol
Scarlet: and i’ll be like
Scarlet: uh
Scarlet: well
Scarlet: i have a one bedroom
Sasha: “that’s OK”
Scarlet: and you’ll be like “oh, we’ll only need the bed.”
Sasha: this is true!
Scarlet: and then
Scarlet: like 3 days later
Scarlet: you’ll emerge
Scarlet: 40lbs lighter and skin glistening from days’ worth of cum facial
Sasha: dehydrated
Scarlet: and then i’ll be like
Scarlet: “so what happened”
Scarlet: and you’ll say
Scarlet: “well, i think the second Kid #2 left for college, i killed the husband and then just flew out here.”